TLA Pellets Brochure

TLA comes from the world’s largest commercial deposit of Natural Asphalt located in La Brea, Trinidad & Tobago, a Twin Island Republic just off the North-Eastern tip of the South American Mainland. This Natural Asphalt Lake has been actively mined for over 200 hundred years and was the world’s fi rst source of bulk bitumen and modifi er to refi nery bitumen.
Packaging & Transportation - TLA Pellets are available in 20kg bags and 1 ton Super Sacks for transportation in 20-foot and 40-foot long containers.

Processing - End User Stage - TLA is currently supplied in fi bre-board drums and is blended with refi nery bitumen in appropriate proportions (typically 25%-40%). Specialized equipment is required for its preparation and use.

TLA Pellets will replace the need for specialized equipment and facilitate wider end–use applications.