60 / 70 Refinery Bitumen

Product Name: 60/70 Bitumen

Origin: Obtained from petroleum by evaporating the lighter hydrocarbons
and the partial oxidation of the residue.

Other Names: Asphaltene, mineral pitch, and petroleum asphalt

CAS#: 8052-42-4

Composition: Comprises mainly hydrocarbon chains classified as maltenes and

Physical and Chemical Properties
Appearance: A semi-solid, brown to black material

Softening Point 45 - 56 oC
Specific Gravity(25 oC ASTM D70) 1.01 – 1.07 g/cm3
REACTIVITY: Stable at room temperature. Hazardous polymerization cannot occur.
CHEMICAL INCOMPATABILITIES: Mixing with volatile solvents will increase ability of the product to readily ignite.