Trinidad Lake Modified Asphalt 60/75 Asphalt Cement (60/75 AC)

Trinidad Lake Modified Asphalt is a modified asphalt binder used to bind aggregates together to form the asphalt pavement.

Manufacturing Process:

Produced by the proportionate blending of 180/200 refinery bitumen, a heavy oil residue resulting from the refining of crude petroleum, with the world’s #1 modifier of refinery Bitumen, naturally occurring Trinidad Lake Asphalt (TLA).
Other Names: AC, TLAC, Trinidad Modified Asphalt (TMA), Trinidad Lake Asphalt Cement, Modified Asphalt, 60/75 Pen, Asphalt Cement


Homogenous blend of 27-37% Trinidad Lake Asphalt and 63-73% Refinery Bitumen

Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance: A semi-solid, brown to black material

  • Airport runways
  • Roads
  • Highways
  • Bridge decks

Advantages of using Trinidad Lake Modified Asphalt
60/75 Asphalt Cement

  • TLA components improve the ductility of the asphalt cement allowing the pavement to recover from distortions due to stress, without rupturing and rutting.
  • The unique mineral matter component of the TLA adds non-skid properties to the pavement
  • Increased stability and resistance to permanent deformation and rutting
  • Decreased aging
  • Resistance to cracking
  • Increased fatigue performance
  • Improved pavement load carrying
  • Provides structural and durability improvements which lead to extended pavement life
  • Withstands a wide temperature range