The Legend of Callifaria

This legend is about two young lovers who were responsible for the destruction of the settlement of La Brea. This is what happened. Callifaria- the daughter of Callisuna, who was the chief of the La Brea tribe, fled from her tribe to the long arms of her boyfriend, Kasaka- a prince of the Cumana tribe. Quite peeved by his daughter’s flight, Callisuna and his warriors invaded Cumana, did battle, captured his daughter, tied her to a horse and speedily returned to La Brea. Unfortunately, Callisuna did not know that his drastic action so angered Pimlontas, the winged Arawak god, who damned the village of La Brea, making it sink into the earth, replacing it with a thick black substance, the Amerindians called PICHE (PITCH).