Lake Asphalt Welcomes Her Excellency Natalie Campbell-Rodriques, Jamaican High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago!

Her Excellency Natalie Campbell-Rodriques, diplomats and staff of the Jamaican High Commission recently visited Lake Asphalt to mark the ‘Day for Pause and Reconnection’ by the United Nations which was observed by the Jamaican Foreign Service in all its Missions globally, and in various ways.

The High Commissioner and her team chose Lake Asphalt as their destination and were received by Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mr Swedaka Matthews and his team comprising of Team Leader Caribbean Asphalt Products, Mrs Shivaun Alexander-Powder, Head of Research and Technical Services, Mr Shiva Ramlal, Acting Manager Engineering and Facilities, Mr Barry Regis, Chief Security Officer, Inspector Raphael Samuel and Corporate Communications Coordinator, Ms. Marsha Marchan.

After a formal introduction to Lake Asphalt the Commissioner and her team visited the Pitch Lake and was introduced to its wonders including “The Mother of the Lake” and even ended their visit with a fun sprint. We look forward to fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between Lake Asphalt of Trinidad and Tobago (1978) Ltd. and Jamaica.

Jamaican High Commissioner, H.E. Natalie Campbell-Rodriques and Lake Asphalt’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Swedaka Matthews and their teams.

HE2 – Jamaican High Commissioner, H.E. Natalie Campbell-Rodriques and Acting Chief Executive Officer- Lake Asphalt, Mr. Swedaka Matthews