Doing Business with Lake Asphalt of Trinidad and Tobago (1978) Limited

Lake Asphalt provides a stable environment for those wishing to do business with the company. It is a State Enterprise coming under the purview of the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries of Trinidad and Tobago.

Who’s who at Lake Asphalt:

Board of Directors

Mr. Christopher John-Williams - (Chairman). Ms. Claire Gomez-Miller
Mr. Christopher Hagley - (Deputy Chairman) Mr. Vidya Deokiesingh
Mr. Wendell Seecharan Mr. Ryan Mitchell
Ms. Marsha Bailey Mr. Stephen Mc Clashie

Executive Management Team

Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Leary A. Hosein

Chief Executive Officer (Acting)
Mr. Nigel Minors

Department Heads
Mr. Nigel Minors Manager, Marketing & Business Development
Ms. Donna Chapman Manager, Human Resources
Ms. Ava Rajkumar Manager, Health, Safety & Environment
Ms. Ayana Thompson Manager, Finance
Mr. Roger Wiggins Chief Audit Executive
Mr. Nigel Abraham Manager, Engineering and Facilities
Mr. Swedaka Matthews Manager, Procurement & Logistics
Mr. Paul Phillip Production Superintendent
Ms. Anne Marie Sirju Head, Research & Technical Services
Ms. Cherry Ann Rajkumar Corporate Secretary/Legal Advisor
Ms. Ayanna Sylvester Corporate Secretary/Legal Advisor (Ag.)